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How would you describe the English Language?



The adjectives that I chose are challenging, powerful and exciting. I think that English is a very powerful language. Why? Because nowadays everybody speaks English, no matter where they are.  I honestly love English and that's why I chose exciting, I love learning new words and I always get really excited when talking in English, it is one of my favourite languages to speak. And the last word that I chose was challenging because learning English is not easy, it needs a lot of practice.

Daniela Sousa, Nº 19149, 10º LH3


We choose the words Important, Progressive and Popular.

The first word we choose is "important" because, nowadays, if you don't know how to communicate in English, you don't know almost anything. This is the language people use when they are in a foreign country and they need, let's say, directions, so this is somewhat the language of the world.

The second word we choose is "progressive" because we, and a lot of people, think that this is the language of the future, and more and more people are daily learning it.

And, finally, the third word we choose is "popular", because, as we have said before, this is a language that almost everybody knows even if it's just to say yes or no.

Beatriz Costa, Cláudia Fonseca, Diogo Marques, 10ªAno LH3


We chose popular, adaptable and important. English is very important because it’s spoken all over the world and in international conferences we use it too, to communicate with each other.

English is adaptable because it’s one of the easiest languages to learn that is taught in schools.

It’s popular because it’s spoken all over the world. 

Beatriz Ferreira; André Silva and Amilton Tavares 10ºLH2


Me and my colleague chose the words "Popular", "Powerful" and "Evolutionary". "Popular", I mean, we don't think we really have to explain this one, do we? With over 372 million native speakers, English is probably one of the most popular languages in the world. Numbers do really speak for themselves. "Poweful" also justifies this last statement, a language with more speakers is a language with more "power". And it's not only native speakers; there are also a lot of people who speak English as a second or foreign language, such as ourselves, so it really just comes to prove that English is definitely a very "Powerful" language. And last, but not least, "Evolutionary". As we saw in our previous classes, English (like any other language) is constantly "Evolving" and gaining new words, mostly with foreign origins.
So this is why "Popular", "Powerful" and "Evolutionary" are actually pretty appropriate adjectives to characterize the English language.

José Armando e Pedro Carvalho, 10ºLH3

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